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Zinc roofs: price per m² and advantages

Zinc has been out of fashion for a while, but it’s making a great comeback! A zinc roof is perfect when you’re looking for a flexible roofing with a unique look. These types of roofs last particularly long and can even be recycled.

Why choose a zinc roof?

It’s been a while, but zinc is back. More and more people are starting to see the advantages of a zinc roof. Do you dream of a modern house without the traditional straight forms? Then a zinc roof is the way to go!

Besides, they’re suitable for round shaped roofs, because of its flexible qualities. Below you’ll find a handy review of all the pros and cons of zinc roofs.

Pros & cons

+ Durability: this is definitely one of the most important advantages of zinc roofs. A roof made of zinc lasts a long time.

+ Maintenance-friendly: where after a big storm you’ll have lots of damage to a traditional roof, you’ll have next to no scratch on your zinc roof.

+ Distinctive look: after a while a so-called patina (a thin layer of various chemical compounds) is formed on zinc, which can not only offer more protection, but also looks beautiful.

+ Recyclable: zinc is a completely natural resource. It can in turn be completely recycled.

+ Flexibility: aside from its durability, the biggest advantage of this material might be its flexibility. The most diverse of forms and curves can be applied, which creates a great architectural freedom. Aside from roofing, zinc can also be used on the façade of a building.


– More expensive: zinc costs quite a bit more than your traditional roofing materials.

– metal particles released: by placing a zinc roof it’s possible that metal particles end up in the surface water. How or even if it’s bad for the environment is hard to determine, but it is quite easily to prevent by placing a filtering system.

– More difficult to insulate: zinc roofs are a bit more difficult to insulate than, for example, a tiled roof. We advise you to contact an expert roofer.


Zinc roofs: price per m²

Zinc belongs to the group of the rather expensive types of roofing. Although the long list of advantages more than make up for it. Its durability alone more than justifies opting for a zinc roof. The price per m² amount to at least £ 60 (delivery and placement included, VAT not included). It’s always better to request price offers from different companies. Compare prices of roofers, free and non-committal! 

Things to consider during construction

Zinc roofs are more compact than traditional roofs, so you have lots more space left for insulation. A zinc roof needs both thermal and sounds insulation. Without sound proofing noise can get through everything with this roof.

Use expansion joints to prevent your roof from shrinking and expanding. These joints are suitable for flat and pitched roofs in zinc.

Lastly we recommend you contact an expert to place your roof, in order to prevent leaking.