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New roof: cost

How much does a new roof cost? The price of a new roof depends on the amount of required work. In some cases, you will only have to renew the roof covering. Sometimes, however, it is advisable to replace the entire roof. Here you can discover more about new roof prices and tips to save money.



Cost of new roof: possibilities

There are two possibilities for the installation of a new roof. You can choose whether to replace only the roofing or the complete roof.

price new roofing 1) Price new roofing

Is it not necessary to renew the roof entirely because the roofing is still in good shape? In that case, it is best to opt for a renovation of the roofing only.

This is also the perfect moment to assemble a full-fledged roof underlay and insulate it from the outside. You can also use the opportunity to install roof windows or a dormer. This way, you also reduce costs as the works are carried out all at once.


Sometimes, it suffices to renew certain parts of the roofs. That is possible, for example, if the damage or wear only appears in a limited space. With partial replacement, you reduce costs and the job will be done quickly.

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Average guide prices new roofing /m2

Roof typeAverage guide price/m2Life span
Bitumen £35 - £5030 years
EPDM£25 - £7040 years
PVC£45- £7020 years
Green roof£35 - £7065 years
Zinc£60125 years
Reed£60 - £8035 years
Natural slates£94 - £10290 years
Bitumen slates£25 - £3525 years
Artificial slates£55 - £6530 years
Clay tiles£30 - £55100 years
Concrete tiles£17 - £3530 years

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new roof price 2) Price complete new roof

In case of a new building or when the roof construction is affected, it is evident to choose a complete new roof.

Not just the roofing, but also the roof construction will be replaced then. This procedure involves bigger works but it ensures a solid roof.

In particular cases, it is enough to renew the roof only partially and to recover the existing roof tiles. However, the tiles have to be removed, inspected and temporary stocked.

Because of this, the costs may rise up and it is therefore often cheaper to replace the roof entirely.
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Average guide price new roof

Sort of workAverage guide price
Renew roof construction£1450/m3
Renew trusses£1700/m3
Renew purlins£1620/m3
Renew rafters£1535/m3
Partial repair roofing natural slates£75/m2
Partial repair roofing artificial slates£45/m2
Replace tiles (22 pieces/m2) £2.5/2p
Replace wall plate (roof purlins with tiles incl. 39,3 inches roof boarding)from £515 onward/running metre
Renew base layer£5/m2
Renew fibreglass underlayer£5/m2
Renew vapour depressing layers£4.5/m2
Renew vapour barriers£8.5 - £17/m2
Renew roof underlay£8.5 - £13.5/m2 (material costs)

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Money-saving tips when installing a new roof

There are some ways to reduce the cost of a new roof. We list some interesting tips that are good for your pocket.


Remove roof tiles yourself

To make sure the price of a new roof does not rise too sharp, you can try to do part of the job yourself. For example removing the existing roof tiles. Note that it is necessary to make proper arrangements with the roofer in order to retain a roof over one’s head.


Reuse existing roof tiles

This was already mentioned before. In certain cases, you can choose to only renew the roof construction and to reuse the existing roof tiles. By just replacing the broken tiles, you can save a lot of money. However, the costs for removing, inspecting and stocking the current roof tiles can mount up considerably. So, to reduce costs, it is also recommended here to remove the roof tiles yourself.


Choose an overlay roof system

Install a new roof quickly at a low price? In case of roofing, slates or corrugated sheets, you might choose a roofing overlay. An overlay roof is put on top of the current roofing. This means you won’t have costs for the removal of an old roofing. You can obtain a roofing overlay from £43 to £51 per m2.



Compare quotations, aim for price advantage

The cost of a new roof is hard to estimate. Much depends on the required work, the type of the roof and its measurements.

Do you want a customized price for your specific situation and wishes? Compare quotations from different roofers and choose the option that suits best.

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