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Roof info - Expert in roof work is the web portal for private individuals who are looking for a roofer and online advice.

Via this website, you may also – without any obligations –  request a quote from professional roofers in your region. This applies to renovation, as well as little adjustments or a new construction.
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Which roofing projects can be carried out?

Do you wish to place a dormer, change roof windows, repair the gutters or reroof your house completely? Via this website you will find the roofer who best fits your needs. The right product knowledge and a long-time experience are surely the most important factors for a qualitative and windproof roof. Here you can find an overview of realisations:



new roof construction

① Install a new roof

If you are building a new house or if you want to renew your current roof entirely, your new construction has to meet all the urban planning requirements. This labour-intensive kind of roof work may be required when the wood of the construction is overburdened or rotting away.

When you choose to renew the roof construction, it might be necessary to change the wall plate as well. This wall plate spreads the weight of the roof to the underlying structures.

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roof renovation

② Roofing renovations

A roof renovation is possible in several ways. For example, one can (partially) renew the roof covering. Installing a new roofing actually offers a great opportunity to invest in roof insulation.

Another possibility to give your roof a new look, is an overlay roof. In this case, metal roof panels are installed on the existing roof covering. However, this type of roof renovation cannot be executed on any kind of roofing. It is therefore advised to rely on a professional roofer. He can advise you and guarantee a flawless and quick result.




roof cleaning

③ Moss removal and cleaning

It is recommended to clean the roof tiles profoundly after 20 years. By removing moss from the tiles and spraying off the filth, a correct water extraction can be guaranteed. This way, you also prevent ruptures or leaks.

Too much moss makes the moisture pile up, which may have disastrous consequences in the winter. Due to frozen water, the roofing can crack or burst. After the roof has been cleaned, it is best to apply a coating for extra protection.

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install dormer

Think about skylight as well

If there are some habitable places beneath the roof surface, it is important to make sure enough light comes in. A space with plenty of natural light definitely offers a more pleasant living environment.

There are many possibilities when it comes to increasing the amount of natural light. With a dormer, for example, you can significantly increase the habitable surface of the attic. Other options are roof domes, roof windows or rooflights.


Read more information about roof domes in this article.



small roofing jobs ⑤ Small roofing jobs

Above-mentioned jobs are quite drastic. Of course, it is also possible to call upon a professional roofer for smaller roofing jobs. Examples are renovations of chimneys or reparations of a drain pipe.

Other jobs involve the installation of new gutters or the reparation of leaks in the roof construction. If your roof has been damaged due to a storm, you can also rely on a roofer.




Are you looking for a professional roofer? Via our quotation service, you can find the perfect roofer for your project. Request free and noncommittal quotes for both small or large roof projects. This way, you can easily compare prices and choose the most interesting offer.
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Which roofing material to choose?

When you are building or renewing your roof, the choice of roof covering is very important. Point of attention are the look, lifespan and cost per square metre. Roof tiles, slates and reed are some of the possibilities in case of a pitched roof. If your roof is flat, you might choose EPDM or PVC for example. In this article, you can find an overview of all types of roofing materials.


roofing jobs


Price roofing

The price of general roof services depends on multiple factors:


  • Surface of the roof: the bigger the surface of the roof, the lower the average price per square metre will be. That is not illogical since the transport and preparation of tools often require more time than renovation or (re)roofing.


  • Accessibility: a high building is often harder to access and busy streets might cause problems as well. It goes without saying that renewing the roof of a detached bungalow will be cheaper than the renovation of a mansion roof in the center of a big town. Roofers will need to use scaffoldings in case of hard-to-reach buildings, which entails extra costs as well.


  • Choice of material: this has a significant influence on the cost price as well. Stylish slates easily cost 3 times as much as cheap roofing tiles. And if you – for example – choose natural slates, this will cost much more than concrete roof tiles.


  • Level of difficulty: obviously, highly specialised work will cost more than an ordinary job.


  • The roofer: roofers may apply different rates: some use fixed hourly rates, whereas other opt for a price per m². Also take into account possible transport costs. Since the tariffs can differ from roofer to roofer, it is best to request quotes from several firms. This way, you will find the most beneficial offer.


As you can see, many things have to be considered. If you are looking for more information or a customized price, you can always request for quotation (without engagement) via our online offer service. Click here to receive price quotes.