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Roof domes: prices, materials & sizes

Roof domes are perfectly suited to provide flat roofs with extra light. They are payable, easy to install and available in different types. Here you can discover more about the price, possible materials, options and installation of a light dome.


roof domesWhy choose a dome rooflight?

Roof domes on a flat roof increase the amount of light in a house. If you are replacing your flat roof, this is the perfect opportunity to install a roof dome at the same time. As your house will receive a lot of natural light this way, the installation of a dome will truly change the atmosphere inside.

Moreover, your house will look larger as well. The domes are available with an electrical control system. In addition, you can choose between different shapes: both round and flat light domes are possible. At last, the cost of a roof dome with standard sizes is very reasonable.



Costs and sizes of roof domes

Prices of roof domes approximately start from £150 (installation costs excluded). If you want a qualitative dome that insulates well, prices can rise up to £350-£450. Electrical control, connected to the mains current, increases the cost even more. Take into account another £350 for this feature.

Next to that, the material also determines the total cost. Light domes which are made of polycarbonate are more expensive than acrylic. Dome rooflights are available in various sizes, ranging from 400 x 400 mm to 1900 x 2900 mm. In order to estimate the total cost properly, it is always recommended to request customised quotes from different firms. On this page, you can receive non-binding quotes from roofers for free.


roof light dome


Materials and shapes of a skylight dome

You can choose between plastic or glass. If you prefer a synthetic dome, acrylic and polycarbonate are used most frequently. You may as well opt to combine plastic and glass. If you wish to be better protected against burglars, you would be well advised to choose polycarbonate instead of acrylic. Polycarbonate is slightly more expensive, but it is unbreakable. As for the shape of the dome, there are different options as well.



Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is optically very pure. It looks like glass and has a high degree of light transmission. Unfortunately, this material is not very strong. When it comes to security (burglary protection), you are better off with polycarbonate. In the case of plastic light domes, you can choose between a transparent or opal surface. The bright (transparent) varieties transmit more light than the opal domes.

However, when the sun is fully shining on a transparent dome without sun blinds, this might be annoying. In the case of opal windows, on the other hand, you won’t be bothered by sun rays as those are blocked sufficiently. Some people prefer opal glass due to privacy reasons. If you want to be able to see stars in the sky at night, you will have to choose a transparent dome.


flat roof dome



Polycarbonate is an extremely strong and barely unbreakable material. For this reason, polycarbonate is a better option when it comes to safety. For optimal safety, you can even combine polycarbonate with safety glass. Consequently, this will be more expensive.


Shapes: ranging from round to pyramid-shaped roof domes

As for the shape, you can choose between round domes, square domes, rectangular domes or pyramids. A flat light dome is usually made of glass.


Extra options concerning comfort and safety

A light dome is available with a few options which increase the comfort and safety of your house. If you invest in a roof dome, it might be useful to consider these functional and comfortable finishes:


Burglar-proof materials

Fortunately, there is no more need to be afraid of burglary through roof domes these days. There are actually enough models which meet resistance class 2, without adding a barrier (bars). These roof domes are equipped with high-efficiency safety glazing. Moreover, they have a strong elevation that is screwed onto the roof itself. These burglar-resistant roof domes comply with all safety norms that also apply to windows and doors.


dome roof lights


Roof dome with sun blinds

Roof domes can, depending on the type and shape, be provided with sun blinds. These can be applied on both the inside and outside. The fastening is comparable to a screen with a cloth that is extended between two conductors. The dome is easy to use by means of an electrical remote control. It is also possible to equip the dome with an extendable fly screen. By doing so, you can open the dome in summertime without being bothered by mosquitoes, flies or wasps.


Remote control

If you want some extra comfort, you can choose to control the dome electrically. There are even options which allow the dome to open automatically at a user-set time of day. This way, the house will be ventilated at the times you desire. The price of this feature can be significantly high (up to £350). In return, you are assured of a maximum of user comfort. This is also useful for older people who are not very mobile.


Install dome rooflights

Roof domes are usually applied to the roof construction by means of screws. One mostly uses safety screws to avoid burglary. The elevation at the bottom is provided with a waterproof kit in order to prevent damp or rain from getting through. To increase waterproofness, roofers use bitumen or EPDM.

It is best to leave the installation of a roof dome to an experienced and recognised roofer. This way, you can be assured of a flawless result and a smooth installation.
On our quote page, you can request customised prices from recognised roofers for free.


Insulation value of a dome

The insulation value depends on the presence of glass, the number of layers and the thickness of the sides. A plastic roof dome with two ‘scales’ (layers of polycarbonate for example) usually has an insulation value of 2.8 W/m²K. A dome with three scales has got a U-value of 1.9 W/m²K on average.

In addition, the thickness of the elevation matters: if this is insulated well, the elevation may strongly influence the total insulation value. This also applies for the presence of glass in the dome. Dome rooflights that are provided with special insulation glass usually perform very well. Values of 1.1 W/m²K (or even better) are possible. Well-insulated roof domes offer excellent acoustic insulation as well, which is especially pleasant in the case of rain and hail.


Maintenance of a roof dome

When cleaning a dome, one should take into account that the dome itself is made of plastic, not glass. For this reason, you should be careful of scratches. In order to avoid scratches, the dome must be cleaned wet instead of dry. Domes are often covered with sand or other dirt. If you were to rub with a dry cloth, the dirt would function as sandpaper. You can avoid this by cleaning the dome with a neutral detergent and a soft cloth.


How to clean a roof dome? 5 tips

1. Use the right sponges: always clean the dome wet with a soft sponge or cloth and do never use scourers. This will cause scratches, which only aggravates the problem.

2. Use the right cleaning agents: always clean with a neutral cleaning agent. Avoid chemical cleaners like white-spirit, turpentine, chlorine or glass cleaners.

3. Clean in a correct way: always use lukewarm water first. Rinse the dome before cleaning in order to remove loose dirt and sand.

4. Mosses and algae: remove the green layer of dirt with a special spray, produced for this end. These products make sure the light dome remains scratch-free.

5. Removing insects should never be done with a spray. This may possibly cause irreversible damage to the plastic.


skylight dome


Alternative: rooflights

A rooflight exists of 1 frame which contains one or more windows with safety glass. It brings more light inside and looks more elegant as well. Next to that, it is possible to open the windows of a rooflight. However, rooflights are more expensive than roof domes, as customisation is required. The construction materials have a higher price as well.


Overview advantages and disadvantages

+ Attractive shape, elegant finishes are possible

+ Completely customised solution

+ A lot of light

+ Sense of space increases

More expensive than a roof dome

Not as easy to install as a roof dome


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