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Roof moss removal: methods and prices

Removing moss from the roof is absolutely necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of the water drainage and to prevent the roofing from freezing to pieces. There are several methods to remove moss and dirt from the roof. You can discover these methods here, as well as the price for roof moss removal.



demossing roof Why cleaning your roof is really useful

1) Roof tiles and slates become porous because of overgrowth with moss, as a result of which rainwater can infiltrate into the material. Moisture could make the roof tiles burst at low temperatures

2) Hair cracks and fissures due to moss and filth increase the possibility of a leak in the roof.

3) A roof moss removal benefits the saleability of your house. A house with a well-maintained roof will be more attractive to a potential buyer than an identical house with a roof that looks neglected.


Do you want to have your roof cleaned by a specialist? You can easily compare prices of professional roof cleaners via the quotation page. Request quotations here.



Remove moss from roof: methods

How to remove moss from the roof? Demossing a roof is possible with or without cleaning products. The most decent method depends on the roofing and the persistence of the filth. After the roof has been made free of moss, the roof tiles or slates are treated with a moss- and algae resistant product.


1) Remove moss without a cleaning agent

Roof moss removal mostly happens with the help of a high-pressure cleaner. If possible, a dirt blaster is used. This is a special rotary nozzle that makes it easier to remove filth and moss. When it is not possible to use a dirt blaster, in case of an older and weathered roofing for example, a V-ray is used at a pressure of 80 bar. In order to avoid water under the closure strips, one always sprays in a downward direction.


moss removal roof
Example of removing moss from the roof under low pressure with downward rays.


2) Remove moss with a cleaning agent (moss killer for roof)

When removing moss with a detergent, first of all the roof has to be cleaned according to the method described above. Then the cleaning agent is sprayed onto the roof. The processing time varies, depending on the persistence of the dirt, from one to several hours. After the absorption period, the roof gets spray-cleaned once more. The roof cleaner should always wear a special suit that prevents spray from reaching the eyes or skin.

Working with a roof moss killer is especially useful for old roofs with handmade tiles or slates. These roofs hence have little irregularities which are hard to clean. Considering the working method and specific demands, it is recommended to have the works carried out by an experienced roof cleaner. You can call for pricing on this page.


cleaning tiles with moss
Example of a roof with roof tiles which is being cleaned


NOTE! There are many firms on the road, especially from abroad, that give roof cleaning demonstrations with the aim to sell. Definitely ignore this. Although the roof will look like new, these firms often use a very powerful cleaning agent which makes your roofing porous.



Follow-up the roof for long-term protection

In order to slow down the return of mosses and algae, roof tiles and slates can be treated with a moss resistant product after the cleaning process. This product does not entirely exclude new moss formation, but it absolutely restricts growth severely. So, dependent on the quality of the product, you will be rid of moss- and algae formation for many long years.

There are also special anti-moss coatings with which the roofing can be treated. Mostly, the roof will first be covered with a primer that needs to dry up a few hours. After this drying time, the actual coating can be applied onto the roofing. This coating ensures a smooth moisture-proof layer, through which mosses won’t be able to stick to the tiles or slates.



Price moss removal and cleaning roof

A normal roof moss removal costs £7.5 to £12.5 per square metre. If you want to protect your roof better against weather conditions, you can have a coating applied as well. The price for cleaning and coating roofs is about 25.5 pounds per m². The exact price depends, among others, on the type of roofing and the possible use of scaffolding. Comparing prices becomes very easy thanks to our online quotation service, where you can request customized prices from professional roof cleaners.

Ask here for a free and non-binding quote for moss removal and a cleansing your roof.


cleaning roof
Example of cleaning a roof – Before and after with tiles


Roof moss removal do-it-yourself

You might as well want to clean moss off your roof yourself. However, it is a job that requires caution and good information about the use of anti-moss products. There are actually many products on the market for moss removal, but you have to make sure you buy a product that is suitable for your roofing. Always read the manual and first test the product on an inconspicuous part of the roof to see whether it has the desired effect.

The accessibility of the roof is an important factor for a do-it-yourself cleaning. Obviously, the roof of a bungalow is easier to clean by yourself than the roof of a terraced house in the city center. You might choose to hire a scaffolding, but take into account that this entails extra costs.

In order to be assured of a nice end result, you can leave the cleaning job to a professional.
Request customized prices for roof cleaning on the quotation page.